Monday, June 20, 2011

Volcano Grill, tabletop safe runs on Propane, Charcoal, or Wood

Volcano Grill, just heard about it from a net friend of mine that got one and likes it.

You can buy with or without propane option, if you don't care about propane will save you ~$60.

I am putting it on my wish list, I think it will make perfect companion to my Caldera Cone Alcohol stove.  Think it makes more sense than some of the other systems I was looking at, I would carry it in car.  Though it is not what I would call hiking portable it is small enough that you could carry it with you if car broke down and you needed it.

The Caldera Cone is better suited to hiking IMHO.  While the Volcano Grill is better suited to car camping, or if the power runs out.

The standard Caldera Cone is made for alcohol & esbit tablets, but they also make the Tri Ti System that can burn wood also.

If you would just like small system to keep in the car for winter emergencies the Caldera Keg System is the way to go IMO.