Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A good Green Lighting Resource


More Green Computer Tech, Apple related


This really interests me, I don't like having to replace computers ever few years.

Two things stood out to me, one is the Parking Lot that collects rainwater for the grounds, also filters out oil & etc from car leaks!

And then there was this: 

100 percent wind-powered

While OWC's corporate headquarters is impressive for its use of green materials, building techniques, and business practices, the crowning achievement of its green initiative is its 500 kilowatt Vestas V39 wind turbine. Perched atop a 131 foot tower just to the west of the main building, OWC's wind turbine came online in 2009. With the flick of a switch, OWC became the first technology manufacturer and distributor in the US to be fully powered by on-site wind power.