Friday, November 11, 2011

Jawbone's Jambox, Cool Bluetooth speaker & speakerphone!

If you hate headsets like I do, or just want a good speaker that doesn't require wires, take a look at the Jambox, it is a high end Speaker and Speakerphone. 

You can use Bluetooth for wireless operation, since it uses a rechargeable battery, or the standard 3.5mm jack to connect it to your laptop, iPad, Cell phone, etc.

Supposedly a NASA engineer/scientist was involved in the design of the Jambox.  So it appeals to the Gadget Geek in me!

Got my girlfriend a Blue Jambox for her Birthday last month, she really likes it, no problem using it via Bluetooth for her Ipad or Blackberry phone, also worked fine with the 3.5mm headphone jack hooked to her TV. 

She has used it with her iPad near daily for 12 days on the first charge.  So the battery life is really good, she was using it to listen to streaming music off the iPad most evenings afterwork.  Plus watching movies a few times a week.  Not sure how many total hours, but even people that use it day long should be satisfied I think.

It also works good as a speaker phone, I will be borrowing it this weekend for some Skype calls (I hate headsets), hopefully she gets the hint that I want one for Xmas.

It also includes good, perhaps even great accessories, it comes with two different length USB/powercords, a AC adapter, 3.5mm cord, & a neat padded carrying case.  The case is padded has magnetic flap closures, it compresses flat and the flaps secure it on the flat empty position or the closed position when protecting the Jambox.

Comes charged and ready to use out of the box!  Any questions?  Post them below.

The Jambox is really cool.  More information available at Jawbone Official site.

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