Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Institute for Redwood Ecology


Professor Sillett is an leads an interesting life, at least in my opinion,  he studies Forest Canopy Ecology, from what I understand he pioneered the study of Redwood Canopy, by climbing to the tops of Giant California Redwoods, to observe first hand the life and ecology that lives way up there.

He has also studied Cloud Forests, which in addition to Redwoods, are my passions for life sciences, if Mosquitoes didn't like me so much, I might have pursued more first hand learning in the great forests.

I have to make do by studying the work of people like Professor Sillett, whose work I greatly appreciate and admire.

So if you have any interest in Redwoods, or Forest Ecology, or Cloud Forests, take the time to learn from Professor Sillett's work.

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