Friday, July 29, 2011

Neat Gift that has a lot of utility

Just a few examples, for more information click here.

These items are made from multiple colors of paracord, they look very attractive, yet if you ever need some cordage you will have some with you.

They even offer to replace for free if you ever have to use it in an emergency.  As long as your willing to send them your story & photos so they have an endorsement from satisfied customer.

Personally I think they look good enough to wear just for the look, but then I like neat things like this.  Check out "EDC" [Every Day Carry, usually refers to small items that might be useful] labeled posts on my blog for some other things I think are neat.

So a good, modest priced, gift idea for kid or adult, specially for anyone that likes outdoor activities.  That could actually save someones life, or more realistically, provide a temporary fix to get you home.

If your not familiar with paracord, it is cordage (basically thin rope) that meets the standards needed for parachute.  It is the gold standard of rope for hikers, astronauts, hunters, military, etc. 

Wikipedia link for more information on paracord.

Here is a picture showing what the insides look like, you can use the smaller inner strands for thread if you need to mend clothes or a tent.

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