Friday, August 5, 2011

Paleolithic technology

Check out PaleoPlanet.  They have have information on Flintknapping and other "primitive" skills.  In my opinion they are not low level skills.  I suspect most people that study so called "primitive" skills quickly learn that, buy then my BA is in Anthropology.

I think learning "primitive" skills is very rewarding, it is something anyone can learn how to do, though it takes time and effort.  It is an extremely rewarding hobby, activity, or even avocation for adults or children. 

It is an educational activity, part of "experimental anthropology" or term I'm more used to "reconstructive archaeology," were you attempt to learn more about how things were done in the past by using techniques and tools from certain people & time period.

This often leads to new information, you gain knowledge by doing that can not be learned from simply studying the artifacts past people left behind.

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