Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Neat EDC flashlights

I like SureFire as primary flashlights, since they use clicky switches and they start at high output setting.

But I have been looking for smaller flashlights for backup, and for when I have to dress more formally.

I like the Fenix LD15 since it uses a single AA battery, much cheaper than the CR123 batteries my Surefires use.

It has a twisty switch, but I don't mind that on my backup lights, IMO twisty lights are less likely to turn themselves on in my pocket.  This AA light has a High output in same range as my more expensive Surefires that use CR123 batteries.

I also found this cute little Fenix E05 in purple. This light uses AAA batteries, only has a low level setting but is small and light weight.

Thinking I might get my girlfriend this purple one as a gift and get myself a black Fenix E05.  I probably wouldn't carry this light often, probably only on more formal occasions were I can't carry the bigger flashlights I normally use.  But it is small enough to be carried anywhere.

These Fenix lights are all LED models, which I really prefer for EDC. I have switched my EDC Surefire's to LED heads. They get much better battery life, but more importantly they never really die. They just get dimmer and dimmer.

So you never go to use the light and have nothing. That happened to me more than once with the older, pre LED, bulbs in the Surefires. Couple of times when I really needed a light. That is why I pretty much always carry 2 flashlights now.

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